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Getting the best sleep you can

  • 27 Sep 2021
  • Posted by gsldavies
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Sleep is important for all age groups. You need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to regenerate your energy, balance stress, and consolidate your memories from that day. The different stages of sleep enable your body to repair in different ways.

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Functional DX Health Screen

Join the Revolution

Blood tells a story, from mild inflammation to chronic illnesses and serious diseases. Getting to the root cause of your clients‘ health concerns starts here, with FunctionalDX, the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology.

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Managing Long-COVID with a multidisciplinary Lifestyle Medicine approach

  • 25 Oct 2020
  • Posted by gsldavies
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The increasing recognition of Long-COVID as a significant health concern (around 10% of COVID patients) has reinforced the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to health. We have realised that the membership products we have created are a platform to support our patients who have been through COVID only to realise that they are left with ongoing symptoms impacting their Health.

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