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  • COVID Testing is self performed each day (except Sundays) before 10am and tests are picked up at 10:30am from Kirby Chemist 53 High St. Teddington TW11 8HD. You must be able to drop the completed test off to this location. 
  • Test kits are sent to home address prior to the test and testing is self administered, under guidance from a video guide which can be viewed here
  • Please watch the video guide before booking your test which explains, how to book, how your kit will arrive and how to do the test and drop it off on the day of the test. Test results are same day via text and subsequent email. 
  • All queries to


COVID-19 Travel Testing information - UKAS Accredited Private Provider

Please visit the Government Website for detailed information, all prices include VAT

We are local to Teddington, Richmond-upon-Thames, Kingston-upon-Thames and Twickenham


Book a Fit to Fly test
£125 Leaving the UK
  Book a Day 2 test
   Book a Day 2 & 8 test
£250 Unvaccinated
  Book a Day 5 test
£125 Test to release


Leaving the UK

Fit to Fly - £125 - book online

Entering the UK

Day 2 - fully vaccinated from non red list countries - £125 book online

Day 2 and 8 Testing - unvaccinated individuals - £250 book online

Test-to-release Day 5 Test, cut our quarantine in half - £125 book online


HM Government Changes from 4am 4th October


Fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need to take a pre-departure test (PDT) when travelling to England.

End of October: double vaccinated passengers for at least 14 days can be tested on LFT from Day 2. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT OFFER LFT Positive LFT – DAY2 you will need to isolate and take a confirmatory PCR test, at no additional cost, which would be genomically sequenced to help identify new variants. No changes will be for non-vaccinated passengers coming from non red list country: Day2 Day8, Day5 (optional), 10 days isolation. Approved vaccines in the UK:

  • Oxford/AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer BioNTech
  • Moderna or
  • Janssen vaccines from a relevant public health body in Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Dominica, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Government Global Travel Task Force System England Arrival, FROM 4am, 4th October 2021

table 1


Government Global Travel Task Force System England Arrival, FROM end of October 2021

table 2

* Vaccinated means that you have had your final dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before the date you arrive in England and:

  • Declare that you have been fully vaccinated on your passenger locator form.
  • Show proof of your vaccination status to your carrier (ferry, airline or train) when you travel via NHS app.

There are different age limits for children for the different COVID-19 travel tests:

  • Test to enter another country – check foreign travel advice for the country.
  • Test before travel back to England – children aged 10 and under do not need to take a test.
  • Day 2 and day 8 tests after arrival in England – children aged 4 and under do not need to take a test.
  • Test to Release test – children of all ages must take the test if adults in their household are taking part in the scheme.


Booking your test

  • Test are self administered (you do it yourself) There is a video guide to taking the test and labelling the tube and dropping it off safely
  • You can do the test any time on the morning of your test before 10am
  • Tests arrive in a sealed brown envelope that will fit through your letterbox
  • All tests are indivually labelled and are clearly labelled Day 2, 5 or Day 8.
  • All tests are performed in the mornings between 8-9.30am to allow same day results (courier pick up daily at 10am)
  • Only book a test if you can return the completed test to Shilpa Dave Health Kirby Chemist 53 High Street Teddington TW11 8HD by 10am on the day of your test
  • Tests not returned same day by 10am will be processed next day
  • Due to high volumes dedicated courier pick up from your home is not possible

Step 1: Book online and complete a booking for EACH family member taking the test

  • For fit to fly tests - check with you airline and choose the appointment time that is as close to 72 hours before departure to allow as much time as possible for test result to come back
  • For Day 2 tests Choose the appointment day that is day 0 - 2 of your arrival back in UK 
  • Day 2 and 8 tests choose and appointment date and time for the first test that is day 0-2 of your arrival back in UK are booked as a package of tests
  • Complete ALL fields required on the booking page
  • If you are booking a Day 5 test as well as a Day 2 & 8 you will need to complete the booking process twice

Step 2: Taking the test

  • Follow the video guide 
  • Complete the test and label the test tube carefully and completely 
  • Return the sealed and completed test to Kirby Chemist 53 High St Teddington TW11 8HD before 10am - click here for directions

Step 3: Test results

  • These will be sent to you initially via text the same day typically within 24 hours
  • A test certificate will follow the next day
  • If the test is negative you are released from quarantine immediately on receipt of the text message


  Book a Fit to Fly test
£125 Leaving the UK
  Book a Day 2 test
   Book a Day 2 & 8 test
£250 Unvaccinated
  Book a Day 5 test
£125 Test to release


Note: If you have a test in the morning we will often have it back by the end of the day. Otherwise we advise to allow 24 hours.

If it is fit to fly please allow as much time as you can.

We use external laboratories for all PCR, Fit-to-Fly and Test-to-Release tests and have no control over their processing times once we have couriered your sample.

Laboratories may also need to sometimes repeat tests which could impact upon the time you receive your test.

Whilst we will do our very best to ensure your result is returned on time, Dr. Shilpa Dave is unable to accept liability or provide any compensation for costs you may incur due to delayed results.

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