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What if I run over the 30 minutes?

Appointments are strictly timed as we are trying to help as many patients as possible during this time of limited access to doctors.  If your appointment overruns you may be cut off and may be charged for the additional time.

Why are only adult appointments available?

This is due to safeguarding and the need to be able to examine children fully.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes but this may not be possible for all medicines as our doctors follow the guidance for doctors from the General Medical Council (GMC). Some medicines are controlled drugs and require us to use specialised prescriptions processes.

What if I need a follow up appointment?

The doctor may choose to offer you a scheduled telephone consultation to communicate results and check your progress. Due to the high volume of appointments, we can’t always guarantee this.

How will I get my results?

Your results will be sent to you via secure email.

Can I still have blood tests?

Yes. We can offer patients at home finger prick testing for a wide range of blood tests. The blood testing pack will be posted directly to you and contains everything to perform the blood test yourself at home and post the test back to the laboratory.  

I was waiting for the doctor to join the video consultation but nothing happened. What should I do?

If the doctor has not joined your consultation after 5 minutes this may be due to a technical issue on our end, or they have become busy dealing with an emergency. Please email and we will rearrange the appointment for as soon as possible.

What if I get cut off during the consultation?

Please email confirming your mobile or landline and we will call you to complete the appointment.


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