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Many of my patients tell me there just isn’t enough time when they see their GP. Many of them want to begin a journey to better health and want to have someone to guide them and listen to them. They do not want to be labelled with a disease but want to understand and explore the underlying causes of their symptoms.

There are so many aspects of Family Health, from vaccinations to simple problems such as an ear infection, where rapid access to a GP is vital. At Shilpa Dave Health we understand that a responsive and caring practice is at the core of keeping you well, but we want to do more than that.

Functional Medicine looks at optimising, not just maintaining your health so you can live well. Preventing disease by screening and testing, maintaining your health by eating well and exercising and looking after your mental health, and restoring your health by replenishing nutrients, reducing inflammation and stress. By putting these together into a personalized journey supported by a team of passionate health professionals you will achieve more balance, feel better and reach your health goals, supported by us. 

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