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About our health screens

Our tailored health screens are designed to identify underlying health conditions but also screen you for future health risks and concerns.

We look at all aspects of your health not just physical problems and blood test results.

We are different from many health providers who often only perform a narrow range of basic blood tests (not cancer screening tests like a smear or FIT test) and cover only basic aspects of your lifestyle and also unlike most health screens we include a follow up Consultation to discuss the outcome and create a tailored plan just for you.

The Health Screening questionnaire covers all aspects of your Health and Lifestyle so please allow at least an hour to complete it thoroughly.

We offer two types of Health Screen CORE and PLATINUM. The Core Health Screen is ideal for patients who want a full health check, the Platinum  Health Screen combines all the benefits of the Core Screen with our in depth Functional DX biomarker blood testing and a detailed Nutrtional therapy appointment and report. To find out more about FDX blood testing and see a sample report click HERE.

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How do I book a health screen?

Before you book your health screen:

1: Visit the MY HEALTH SCREEN JOURNEY EXPLAINED page by clicking on the link below, it will give you a clear idea of what is involved, what to expect and how to prepare.

2: To decide which Health Screen is right for you (CORE or PLATINUM) please click on the COMPARE OUR HEALTH SCREENS link below. You will see the key differences between the two including the costs and also see the wide range of additional services we offer to improve and optimise your health.

3: Once you have made a choice simply click on the BOOK YOUR HEALTH SCREEN button and choose an appointment time that suits you. 



We screen you for important health conditions around cancer prevention, heart disease, womens and mens health.

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We look at your work and home routines and exercise and movement. We help you identify areas to improve your physical activity and look at what is stopping you from achieving your physical goals – time, motivation, stress and diet.

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We explore underlying triggers and root causes of poor health. We look at your work, stress and sleep hygiene and give you tools and detailed advice and support to improve in these key areas.

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As well as standard measurements such as BMI, our comprehensive body composition analysis allows you to understand your baseline %body fat, bone and muscle mass and work toward building health goals tailored to you. We include a cervical smear for female patients and an ECG.

Many patients want a simple suite of blood tests to screen for common conditions, others need or prefer more in depth analysis for example vitamin and mineral analysis. For some patients specific health concerns might drive complex testing such as:

If we identify a serious medical condition we will treat it immediately or refer you quickly to one of our preferred specialists. Common referrals include, breast, gynaecology, dermatology, cardiology and gastroenterology.

We work closely with local specialists and with centres of excellence such as the Cromwell Hospital, where more specialised tests or expertise is needed.

We complete your health screen by working with you to highlight your priorities for your health and if you wish agreeing and setting health goals. Some patients want to engage with personal training, others take up Yoga and breathing sessions, mindfulness and others embark on a functional medicine journey working with our Nutritional Therapists to address key health concerns. Examples of conditions where a Functional Medicine approach is considered include

  • Food intolerances and digestive problems
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Menopause
  • Skin Problems
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Fatigue and burnout

Follow up

All health screens include a 30 minute follow up appointment with your results to create a bespoke plan and report tailored to your personal health needs.

Additional Services Available (not included):

  • Mammogram – arranged at local Private Hospital
  • Cardiac Monitoring with Cardioscan (with Consultant Cardiologist oversight)
  • Cardiac Assessment with Echo and stress testing
  • X-rays, scans and MRI
  • Cardiac rehabilitation and Polar tracking
  • OURA Ring data analysis

Yoga and Mindfullness

Nicky Dye Yoga Strala Yoga Guide. Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Yoga Teacher.

Nutritional Therapy

Christine Bailey Registered Nutritionist - MSc PGCE MBANT MIFM

Christine is an award winning degree qualified Registered Nutritionist (BANT), Chef and Author with over 20 years of experience in the health, corporate and food industry.  With additional training by the Institute of Functional Medicine Christine is an experienced Functional Performance Nutritionist

Personal Training

Joe Ash Platinum Fitness

Tom Hastings Heartsure Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Dr Yen Yen Khor

Dr Yen Yen's special interests are women’s health and sexual health, and she uses her knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture to help patients in many health areas.

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