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Blood tells a story from mild inflammation to chronic illness and serious diseases getting to the root cause of health concerns starts with the worlds most advanced blood interpretation technology functional DX analyse this up to 125 different biomarkers uncovering hidden patterns so that real health solutions can be provided to prevent disease. functional DX uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence reporting algorithm incorporating 13 body systems,  7 macro nutrient systems also assesses the status of 14 nutrient assessments and over 40 clinical dysfunctions to provide the most advanced comprehensive reporting of blood on the market today.

What does this mean?

This means that a FDX report can give you a much more detailed insight into your current health problems and the future risk of disease. This allows your Doctor to make more accurate recommendations for treatment, and allows patients to make more focused changes to their lifestyle, diet and exercise that are more likely to have a positive impact on their health.

The FDX Report

the FDX report is extremely detailed and allows your doctor to build a very tailored and effective plan for your health goals have a look at the sample health report below

Sample health report

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